About our Centre

Welcome to Harmony Ballet and Music Centre

Dance is not a competition, it’s a passion

We believe that children respond positively to learning ballet and music in many different ways. We offer the highest standard of teaching in all aspects of dance and music in a warm, friendly and professional atmosphere. The strength of this approach is reflected in our excellent examination and competition results and record of success in the profession.

At Harmony Ballet and Music Center, students may study Piano, Vocal, Guitar, Ballet, Jazz modern, Hip Hop, Contemporary Dance, and more. All of our music and dance classes are offered at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Students are never too old to begin dancing and learning music with us!!!

Why Harmony Ballet and Music Centre

Currently, our team comprises of skilled professionals dedicated to dance, music and vocal education: Teachers of ballet, jazz, hip hop, social dance, musicians, vocalists who are educators and performers who strive to bring out the best in students.

Our centre echo with the joy, fun and sense of achievement that we share with our students. Our lessons are approached in a way that makes learning fulfilling and rewarding. The environment is welcoming, and every student is valued as an individual.

We strive to:

  • Create an ideal learning environment
  • Encourage individuality, creativity and self-confidence
  • Value the child and the role of family in education
  • Develop and provide teaching resources of the highest quality
  • Motivate education as a life-long experience
  • Recognize, value and support cross cultural communication
  • Foster a sense of performance and appreciation for performing arts

Harmony Ballet and Music Center has:

  • Two ballet studio with professional equipment such as jumping wooden floor, ballet bare, mirrors, and a professional sound system.
  • Two Piano/vocal studio with grand piano and electric pianos and professional sound system for vocal lessons
  • Painting Drawing Studio  with equipment for group or individual lessons.

Our Mission :

At the Harmony Ballet and Music Centre it is our goal to give students of all ages a love of the art, knowledge of the technique, commitment, self-discipline, poise, grace, and the skills they need to enjoy music and dance for a lifetime.

We understand that most students probably do not want to be professional dancers or musicians, and we strive to give the recreational student and the serious student the same warm, caring, and rewarding experience.

We are committed to providing the highest quality of instruction in a first rate facility, and to maintain an environment where students can learn dance and music in a friendly, professional atmosphere.

As a parent we realize you have a choice between several different dance and music centre’s, but all studios are not the same.  We invite you to join our centre to learn, have fun and build skills and memories that will last a lifetime.